Thursday, 25 December 2008


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Ok, I hope rude not to come, so I said that. I download zsharevideos on Zshare, because you can stream or download. When locked, you have Adblock Plus for Firefox, disable it for the time you watch, and watch on supernova. For people whose stream, I put the download links to download on Megaupload. When am Megaupload to download movies, they take me as 20-40 minutes to download. The trick for Megaupload after downloading is expected a total of 15-20 minutes until you download from there another film. I cannot upload videos and other things on Mediafire, and other things, because it takes more wayyy. Am a 15yrs old boy, my family, homework, school, friends. I can stay here all the time. And with those mediafire cannot download a link, it will be 10 links to download just a movie. And I can post movies iPod format. You download movies in AVI format, and find a converter and convert it to mp4. If some of you do not like Megaupload, I'll try to put movies on 2shared and see how it works. But I will still send Zshare / Supernova links. I take a lot of time in my life to do this for you guys freely. I always try my best to make this site easier. I go to many sites of film and they have links to only 10 for 1 film download. I do not. I try to download movies as fast as I can for you guys, and I hope yall enjoy.